Sunday, August 23, 2009

MaNtI PoOl!!

Yet again the Christensens's doing what they do best.... SWIM!!!, We all headed up to Manti to the pool to see what everyone has been talking about. We all had a way good time. (how could you not at a pool like that.) Our favorite was definatlly the little whirl pool in the middle. We meet up with my cousin Nate and his cute little family.

Kynley laying under the water fountains!!!

SnAcK TiMe

Grandpa Lee and Chan in the whirlpool.

First day of school

I can't believe school has already started. Where did the summer go? I was totally not ready for the year to start, witch is really unusual for me, because I'm always ready to send them back. Landrey started fourth grade. Chan started second grade. Kynley starts in September. With Pre- School with Mrs. Peterson. She is so excited and ready to go to school.

Chan looking a little nervous!!!

CamPiNg On ThE BoW HuNt!!!

" J Bird" eating a marshmallow!

Kyn just sitting there looking pretty!!! In cow poop, mud,paint,and did i mention cow poop!!!

Landrey and Jayda eating lunch

Chan and Braygen making a bow and arrow

Kynley and Jayda just hanging out

KyNley AnD MaKaYlA

-SaMmI -KaThY- BrAnDi-
Never a dull moment with these girls. We went camping the the opening of the bow hunt. We had a blast.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

FaThEr LiKe SoN!!!

Lance has been shooting his bow and arrow for the past couple of months getting ready for the big hunt. And just so happens Landrey has the passion for a bow as well, now that he has a bow of his own. He will go out and shoot his bow with his dad. And let me just tell you he has a heck of an aim. It is so cute to watch him shoot, he gets so happy when he hits a bull's eye!