Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas tag

1. wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper

2. real tree or artificial? Artificial

3. when do you put tree up? Day after thanksgiving

4. when do you take tree down? Day after christmas you like eggnog? No, yuck

6.favorite gift recieved? Of course all of them. I love presents

7 hardest person to buy for? In laws and penny ( sorry sis)

8. easiest person to buy for? Kynley

9. do you have a nativity scene? Yes but it is old i would love a nice one

10. mail or email Christmas cards? Mail

11. worst Christmas present ever received? Don't ever think i got a bad one

12. favorite/ worst Christmas movie? Frosty the snowman, Christmas vacation ( so our family)

13. when do you start shopping? This year Bree and I went on thanksgiving morning 6:30a.m (NUTS)

14. have you ever recycled a Christmas present? No

15. favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Everything, especially the homemade candy

16. lights on tree? yes, white

17. favorite Christmas song? All of them

18. travel at Christmas or stay Home? We go to lance's parents in Richfield, Christmas day

19. can you name all Santa's reindeer? Lol, No

20. angel on top of tree or star? Star

21. open Christmas presents on Christmas eve? PJ's from Santa

22. most annoying thing about this time of year? Waiting in lines.

23. favorite ornament? All of the ones from when we were little girls

24. favorite food for Christmas? EVERYTHING!!! lol

Tag 5 friends!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Kynley loves her very own Christmas tree in her own room. I saw these cute little colored trees at Wal-Mart and Kyn immediately loved it. So i let her choose the one she wanted and of course she loved the purple. I let her get some ornaments to put on it, she got some with all of the Princesses, she decorated it and loves it. The boys also have one in there room theres is just a plain little green one, they decorated theres with plastic candy canes,and ginger breads. Hopefully i can post some pictures of them soon.

Sitting on Santa's lap

Yeah, the night finally came. Santa came to town. I can' believe Kynley actually sat on his lap before we even left our house she said she wouldn't sit on his lap because " I will cry" she said. But she hopped right on and told him that she wanted a microphone. ( shocking she talked to him). They love seeing him and they can't wait till christmas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New door and porch!!!

Well, i think i pretty much know what I'm doing now with this whole blog thing.LOL It is a very addicting thing to sit and do. I can't believe it is already the holidays. Wow, how that came so quick. The kids and I are very excited to put the tree up. Anyway we have been doing a few changes around the house. Lance took me to Hope Depot to get a new front door (desperately needed!) Of course we go there and I want the most expensive one they had. But i settled for the one Lance chose. He put it up and it looks much much better. But i wish i would've got just a plain white. Oh well it still looks good. Then he decided to pout a bigger porch out back. He just framed it up higher and much wider. (It pays to have a husband that knows how to purr cement.) Both of the jobs look way nice. I'm excited to have a door that when someone comes in it won't knock them out, seriously.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

7 things i can do.

2.make pizza
4.clean house
5.plant flowers
6.clean my jeep
7.wiggle my eyes

7 things i can't do.

2 cook ( i get to motion sickness)
4.keep a secret (FAN!!! Bree that is for you)
5.ride a horse
6.parallel park
7.keep up on my laundry

7 things that attracted me to Lance.

1. Honesty
2. Love for his family
3. craziness
4. patients (sometimes lol)
5. hard worker
6. caring for others
7. eyes

7 things i say often

1. "oh boy"
2. "BAD"
3. "gosh d*** it "(lol)
4. "Love ya"
5. "please don't"
6. "WOW"
7. "come on"

7 people i admire. Mom and Dad
2.Jessica Simpson
3.all the school teachers
4.Bree ( for raising three high maintenance little girls)
5 all of my other sisters ( Kami that is for you)
6. my friends
7. my neighbor Maurice

7. favorite foods.

1. Diet Mountain dew (with cherry)
2. chocolate covered cinnamon bears
3. chicken enchiladas (moms)
4. Thanksgiving dinner
5. Chilies
6. chicken pillows
7. ham roll ups


people i tagged.

1.Ashlee Brasher
2.Cherish Cowley
4.Tiffany Johnson
5.Shauni Yee

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's that smell

OK, so yesterday I went down stairs to do laundry and i got doing some things down there and i could smell a disgusting smell. So i got looking around to see if i could see what this smell was, I went in the furnace room, the laundry room, and my treadmill room and i still couldn't find this smell. So i thought for sure it must have been the drain to the washer, so i dumped a little bleach down there thinking that would help the smell. I thought i had cured the problem for sure, but i could still smell it a while later. But then I went into the bathroom down there and oh my heck i about died! There was water everywhere . All over my pictures, scrapbook stuff, swimming things, oh it stunk bad, so I tried cleaning it up, i put towels down, fans on. And it still smells way way bad. The night before the kids were in the tub. (Dad was tending) and they had a whole bunch of water all over the floor. They were just making a "slip and slide" they said and it leaked down there and made a huge stinking mess. I could've just died. So if any of you have a solution to help with the smell I would love to hear them. I tried putting a candle down there, i sprayed odor ban, every spray possible and nothing is helping.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We finaly did it!!! Another year over the cornmaze is finally all over. It's kinda a sad thing to be done and over with just because we have such a good time doing it. There is so much work that we all have to put into it, WOW!!!. The crowd we had was amazing. I have never seen so many people and cars at our little farm in my whole life. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. We didn't have anyone pee there pants this year that im aware of, seriously we have people pee there pants and the funny thing is it's always older women. (won't mention any names). We had alot of people willing to come on Thursday night, and dress up and help. Matt Long did a great job with the second chain saw and the horn at the end, and Rick Torgerson dressed up as a wolf he did a great job also helping us. Me and Lance had alot of fun he was the first chain saw man, we had the same masks on so when people would come through our little spot i would come out then he would come out from behind them and come after them with the chain saw. I personally hate the chain saw. I was walking down the farm road and Matt and Lance were also walking down, and they saw me and fired them both up not knowing it was me, that scared the crap out of me.